We are a small, but diverse team - both in terms of nationality, skills and responsibility areas. Each of us brings an individual perspective and a bag of laughs to our team meetings.

We love what we do, and are happy to share a bit about ourselves with you!


Founder and Creative Director since the very beginning. The brain behind the brand. Thanks to her creative mind, wearing beautiful and most importantly - comfortable high heels is now a possibility. She is also quite a pro in the Public Relations game and so far, she's nailing it.


FUN FACT: Frederikke talks in her sleep and can have full conversations with people without remembering it later.

TOP 3 ROCCAMORES: Edie, Audrey & Bea.


Our Bulgarian wizard, that knows everything about anything, which can be both a curse and a blessing, since everyone else won't stop asking her questions. She is our superstar Head of Customer Success and operations. She even learned Italian to be able to communicate with our factories, that's how dedicated she is.


FUN FACT: She is terrified of butterflies and the trip to the Leipzig Botanical Garden was very traumatizing for her.

TOP 3 ROCCAMORES: Marilyn, Electric Ann & Rebecca


Ovi is our only man in the house, which naturally means that he is the one "fixing" all the technical stuff and making sure you all have a smooth experience on our websites. He might not wear our shoes, but we're pretty sure that he secretly wishes he could.


FUN FACT: Ovi has lived in 5 countries and 10 cities until now.

TOP 3 ROCCAMORES: Bella, Eve & Charlie.


If you've ever been to any of our events or tours, then you definitely recognize her face. Because she has such a cute and bubbly personality, she makes the perfect Partnerships and Event Manager. She will always make you feel welcome and heard. She also has some killer presentation skills.


FUN FACT: She has been a safari tour guide in South Africa, which is almost as wild as her job at roccamore.

TOP 3 ROCCAMORES: Foxy Lady, Marylou & Alexa.


Janetta is our Content Creator and Social Media Manager. Have you ever seen a picture of our shoes that you liked? She probably took it. She is also the one that is keeping you updated with weekly newsletters and daily posts on Instagram and Facebook.


FUN FACT: She loves games and movies about zombies.

TOP 3 ROCCAMORES: Edie, Hope & Daisy


One of the newest and cutest additions to our family. She is a part of our customer service team, always prepared to answer any of your questions and help you solve any of your issues with a smile on her face.


FUN FACT: 90% of the Instagram accounts she follows are food-related.

TOP 3 ROCCAMORES: Audrey, Viktoria & Alexa.