Our elegant heel got a beautiful name after a kickass girl!

For some time ago, we asked you lovely girls to come up with ideas for name for this beauty from our next collection. And we received many good ideas. But in the end, it was ‘Vanessa’ who will have this pretty lady named after her. I knew she was a playfull and kickass lady, so I really looked forward to hear her story!:) And I was NOT disappointed. Enjoy the amazing Vanessa! Vanessa A perfect name for a beautiful shoe: Vanessa  Name: Vanessa Julia Carpenter Occupation: Technology Experience Designer, Future Technologies Speaker (I work with developing technology and designing how it's used in context, at IdemoLab, DELTA) Describe yourself with five words: Explorative, Playful, Fabulous, Adventurous, Octopus How did you hear about roccamore? I met Frederikke at an event we were both speaking at. I'm used to being the one telling the fun stories in my presentation and then once I saw hers, I nearly hugged her. I think I said I love you when she sat down. She was launching the Kickstarter the next day so I spent the entire evening telling all of our 4000+ fans of Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque, as well as all my other networks about roccamore. When I fall in love, I fall hard. :)

Why did you decide to support roccamore?

I was really impressed by Frederikke's spirit and drive. I don't meet many people who I instantly like and feel a common bond with and I felt that with her, I knew she was answering a tough question, how to make heels comfortable, and I appreciated from an Interaction Design perspective her approach to designing the shoes. She interviewed the right people, participated in co-creation with the orthopaedic experts, and found out the styles and needs that her customers have. I think she's done a brilliant job (and of course, her team too!) in creating roccamore and all the shoes, especially in the way roccamore has engaged with the community through events and social media. screen_shot_2015-06-16_at_21-43-27_large What do shoes mean to you? I'm a career woman who loves fashion. I'm originally from Vancouver, Canada, where wearing heels was no problem, I'd drive to work, get out my car, sit in my office and drive home. Now that I live in Copenhagen, I'm running around on cobblestone, (next Kickstarter shoes that can withstand  cobblestone?) doing presentations, facilitating workshops, and definitely working more than 9 - 5! I love high heels, I wear them daily and am probably the only person in a 300 person engineering company to wear stilettos to work each week. Heels do so many beautiful things, they are firstly, works of art, and secondly, they shape the body in a beautiful way, one carries themselves differently wearing heels. Not to mention, I'm a burlesque performer, curator and event creator, so heels are part of the lifestyle. I also wear a size 42, and have a very large collection of high heels, which have been found all over the world, because finding beautiful shoes in a size 42/43 is not an easy task! What name did you pick to "your shoe" and why? Well, I thought the contest was 'why should the shoe be named after you?" So, it was Vanessa, which I described the shoe as "A dangerously curvy line swooping down to a seductively playful peekaboo, giving just the slightest hint of skin, yet remaining classy and elegant. Obviously, she's a Vanessa". And this is very much my style, I try to be fabulous and dress up, but always on the classy and elegant side with classics, the pencil skirt, the red lips, the silk shirt. And in my personality, I'm a playful person. I work hard to encourage others to be playful and so this was a really true description of a Vanessa. You are the founder of CopenhagenGrotesqueBurlesque, you have to tell us the history? Well, I'm not the founder. An incredible woman named Maria Fazzingo is the founder. I work alongside two incredible gentlemen, Bent Haugland and Stig Christensen to create Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque. It's a twice a year participatory costume party which encourages engagement. Our guests are participants, and every one of the 1000 people who come to our party help create a world for the night. We have a theme every time, such as "Delusional Fairy Tales" or "Way Out West, Vaudeville Burlesque" which were our last two parties. People work for months on their characters and costumes, and the whole concept is to create experiences for everyone. We have fire dancers, hula hoopers, aerial performers, sound and light artists, burlesque dancers, and pretty much everyone in between who works very hard to create an incredible atmosphere, for example, at our Way Out West party, you could get tarred and feathered, the bank would be robbed every so often, there would be random gun fights on the stage, a washer woman would hand wash your dirty clothes in a big tin tub, you could join a poker game and we had a 16 piece band (Zirkus) playing everything from jail house blues to upbeat theatrical cabaret. It's an intense, incredible, unbelieveable event and I suggest you check out our Facebook page, to get an idea of it. https://www.facebook.com/CopenhagenGrotesqueBurlesque Vanessa I love to perform, though I don't often get the chance at my own events, and my stage name is Lady Effulgent, Effulgent means "Shining brightly; radiant. (of a person or expression) Emanating joy or goodness." and Lady Effulgent *always* remains a Lady, and leaves the audience laughing, and longing for more, so she's also a bit like the Vanessa shoe that way, classy and elegant, and giving a little peekaboo. Anything else you think we should know about you? I wear a lot of hats, I'm part of a Collaborative Interactive Arts Studio (www.illutron.dk) where we play with fire, robots, light, sound and water, and I love to play. My main goal is to create experiences and opportunities for people to engage with others, to share experiences, and to re-visit the fine art of playing and exploring the world around them. I do this in my daily work with the technology I help create, and in my hobbies with Copenhagen Grotesque Burlesque, Bits & Beers, illutron and my own company, GeekPhysical. One of the things I love about high heels is that they are playful. Every day I wake up, put on a costume and go play a role, and what better accessory than gorgeous, comfortable shoes? screen_shot_2015-06-16_at_21-43-46_large When Frederikke and I started to plan the idea for roccamore, we quite fast decided to celebrate strong amazing and inspiring women. Women who goes towards the streams, who inspires and intrigues us. But very importantly still embraces their feminin side in a man-dominated world. Vanessa is a true roccamore girl. (And if you are not inspired to wear you best corset this evening, shame on you!:) Thank you Vanessa for supporting us, and all the rest of you, we look forward to hear your stories.' roccamore ?

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