When shoes become art

Did you ever think of shoes as a piece of art? I think shoes are so much more than just footwear – To me shoes is not only something you wear for practical reasons; I proudly put on a pair of stilettos, wedges or any high heeled shoe to finish off my outfit and to empower myself, as think high heels boost my confidence. But shoes come in many shapes and colors; some can be plain and rather non-noticeable, and some can be colorful and draw lots of attention, and some shoes even tells a story, which I think shoe art is a great example of. feb21_large Animal shoes designed by Iris Shieferstein. Designers like Kobi Levi, Iris Shieferstein and Sebastian Errazuriz has taken shoe design to another level – They’ve designed funky and creative high heels that look like small pieces of artwork. The shoe designs are inspired by all different kind of object and animals that we all know – It’s amazing how items from our daily lives in combination with artistic designs can become shoes – Although they’re not all necessarily wearable and suitable for every occasion, they should at least be seen as an aesthetic pleasure. feb212_large feb213_large   Kobi levi designs inspired by Madonna's iconic look from the early 90's and the swan’s graceful feature. Some of these incredible artworks are definitely not comfortable to wear all night - But they are still funky footwear that indicates that inspiration is all around! Some of these designs are taken beyond what I’d normally categorize as appropriate shoes to wear for a night out and certainly not for hours on the dance floor – on the other hand they are very imaginative and funky shoes! feb214_large Sebastian Errazuriz’s design named “Jetsetter” inspired by a former girlfriend. If you ask me, shoe as art is absolutely fascinating and inspiring! High heeled shoes come in all shapes and colors – what are your favorites?

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