All #MYroccamore ladies

Copenhagen Fashion Week is right around the corner and so is the launch of roccamore’s fall/winter collection, which we’re all ecstatic about! Those of you, who will be in Copenhagen during fashion week can show off your inner fashionistas simply by slipping on your roccamore shoes. You can pretend Strøget, the famous pedestrian street in Copenhagen, is your very own catwalk. And of course, you don’t need to be in Copenhagen to be able to create your very own fashion moment. Ladies strut your stuff, wherever you may be! ;) roccamore_mosaik_large To celebrate the upcoming event and fashion week, I want to pay tribute to you awesome instagramers, who have been kind enough to show us your new shoes and how you style them. Between all these pictures, the versatility of the roccamore shoes really shows. Whether you choose to wear them with a dress or a skirt with bare legs or you choose to funk it up with stockings like Rikke and Kristina do, the shoes just go with anything you would want to wear. Also, I think it’s really cool how Signe’s sunny, yellow dress lets the red Lucy take center stage in her look. In terms of pants, jeans are always a popular choice. Kirsten, Colette, and Rikke MB all prove that both Lucy and Evaline are jeans girls. My personal favorite is Jytte. Being a tattoo fan myself, I particularly love how her tattoo is adding edge to her grey Lucys. It is awesome how easily the shoes can go from day to night. Kirsten and Trine show us how to style red Lucy casually for a day at work or just walking around town, and Christina and Signe have chosen to go with a more dressy style for their shoes. Also, Gitte has managed to put together the perfect concert style with her Addictive Andrea booties. This only proves that a roccamore shoe is a work and a party shoe all rolled up into one – the sky is the limit in terms of how to style these comfortable beauties. So my ending message, to all you fantastic roccamore ladies out there, is GO FOR IT!

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