Why we won't do Black Friday

Made In ItalyWhen I started roccamore, I made a choice of not producing in China or India. Unlike some of my competitors, I wanted to produce handmade, high quality shoes from the best shoemakers in the world, the Italians. But. that comes with a price.
My production price today is similar to the retail price of Asos... before their discounts!! Sometimes I can’t believe how crazy that is.
I believe in long lasting relationships between you and your shoes, I believe in healthy labour, sustainable production, lifetime quality and slow fashion. Which means I have absolutely no margins for crazy offers of 50-70% discounts. Every time I discount something, I bleed. Black Friday is originally an American concept that came to Denmark a couple of years ago. We don’t really know why and we don’t really care, we just love it! Myself included. Past tense. I used to love sales and good offers and would take great pleasure in hunting down discounts, finding the best offers and wearing designer labels bought at 50-70% off. Probably because I never stopped to think about the consequences for the brands or the planet even. It felt too complicated. But, it’s actually very simple...
Black Friday (or likewise sales) makes it impossible for brands to build a sustainable business, while producing good quality products. Period.
Only big brands, that can get the quantities high enough or have special deals with their manufactures, will benefit from these sales. Small brand will bleed. In 2015, we participated in Black Friday, because I felt that we didn’t have a choice. But, we do have a choice, so this year you won’t get any crazy offers from us.  
I hope you understand why and I really, really hope you agree.