The perfect Christmas Present is from a Startup

There are so many cool entrepreneurs today, so instead of stressing over your very original and complex DIY present, how about supporting one of them?

We found the best christmas presents for the Dancing Queen, the Screen Addict, the Granny, the Teenager, the Drunk Uncle and the rest of your beloved family... 

(Totally unsponsored and just because it's fun!)

The Dancing Queen

She dances at parties all year round, she enjoys salsa evenings and can't wait for the Company Christmas party, even if it's weeks away! She's always the last woman standing on the dance floor but unfortunately, often with her feet bare. Obviously she really needs a pair of the gorgeous roccamores - so she can walk home, in heels! 

The Drunk Uncle 

He's sweet and loving, with a great, slightly weird, sense of humour and he looooves red wine. He's the life of the party, especially if you ask him, but it can be difficult to control a big wine glass during a fun party, so the LabFresh water- (and red wine) resistant shirt is just the right present for him! 

The Messy One 

Coming in all shapes and sizes, but obviously male! The common skill here is the lack of ability to match socks, always ending up in a mismatch. Poor guy is probably stressed or still asleep in the morning and that's why he really needs some cool SOLO SOCKS. The company sells you funky solo-socks with matching patterns, but not two of them are the same. This is a no-brainer! 

The Teenagers M/F

At times, lovely human beings but at others, a right pain in the but. They're the ones that never tidy up and have no idea what a washing machine looks like. You can create a happy life with Organic Basics: Socks and underwear on subscription, organic and fashionable + it's delivered to your home. Easy!  

The Screen Addict 

During Christmas everything is pretty and this should be documented, with lots of photos, all the time.. It doesn't matter if it's the blogger, the foodie or the new mother, we need at least 40 photos to choose from - so everyone can see how much fun we having during the holidays. Someone maybe need a little help remembering why turning off the phone can be good for you. Enter the book Offline  by Imram Rashid, get it NOW!

The Granny 

She's the friend that spends all her Saturdays learning how to pickle veggies and crochet. Her house is always clean and she dreams of chickens in the garden. The back-to-basics is right up her alley and she insists on making all her presents herself. Get her the knitting kit from Kit Couture, it's designed by very professional people and the result will be great. Promise!  

The Design Aficionado 

She's a big fan of Danish Design and dreams of a white sofa (!). The Ant, The Egg and the other cool kids are close friends of hers and she's the owner of the finest magazine-friendly house, where it always smells of homemade bread. 
But everyone need a bit of color and personality in their home. Frida Nash re-designs and upholsters your flea market treasures, heirlooms and even your old Ikea-furniture to a new, unique and beautiful product. 

The Festival Person 

He's the guy always humming a tune and knows the full lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody. He was young in the 90's, still going strong and a frequent festival guest. Returning home after several days in the mud, he actually enjoys the slight scent of pig? Make him stay at home and gift him with an intimate home-concert in the middle of the living room? Low-fi is the answer! 

The Busy Mum

There's the Hollywood Mum with everything under control and a big, white smile and then there's the rest of us! During the holidays the poor mums need to create the Christmas spirit, bake the right Christmas biscuits, buy all the presents, look nice, work normal hours, get drunk every Friday and Saturday for the Christmas parties and make holiday decorations with the kids on Sundays - while hungover! A creative fix to be everyone's favourite is They send you everything you need to be creative with your family all year round. Enjoy! 


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Merry Christmas 🎄