Insights on the roccamore Shoe Designs

So what does it take to create comfortable high heels? And what are the secrets behind the roccamore shoe designs? Of course creating comfortable high heels requires a sense of style and beauty, but it also requires an understanding of the functional and technical details of the shoes. Roccamore's Designer Frederikke

The Sum of Details

When we develop a new shoe design, we have to take a lot of things into consideration. We strive to create fashionable high heels that are immediate eye-catchers, but the shoes also have to fit your feet well and they have to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Therefore we have to be very particular about all the little details, that might go unnoticed because they make all the difference for your feet and stability. On paper a new design may look amazing, but if you can't make the shoe comfortable and wearable, then it's not worth the effort.

Design Insights

Our shoes have a special insole that relieves a lot of the pressure of your forefoot and the foot's arch, but there's more to the roccamore shoes than the insole. Here our designer Frederikke shares some insights on the ideas behind the designs, and all the little but important details.

Insole and Straps

Our designer Frederikke gives you some insights on the unique insole and the ankle straps.

The Heels

Our designer Frederikke gives you some tips on choosing heel heights.

Shoe Materials and Shoe Fit

Our designer Frederikke gives you some insights on our preferred materials and how to get the perfect shoe fit.

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