Behind the scenes of roccamore production

As some of you might know, we have a very detailed and lengthy process when it comes to our production. Our shoes go through 17 people and 22 steps before they are ready. The details for one shoe, such as heels, insoles, soles or zippers - all can come from as many as 8 different locations to the final destination - our factory in Tuscany, where the shoe is assembled. 

We think the whole process is very interesting, this is why we wanted to share some behind the scenes with you, so you can get a better understanding of how things work in our brand. Let's start!

1. Shaping the last

The last is a mold that resembles the desired model of the shoe. Every time we release a new shape of a shoe, a new last has to be shaped in all sizes. They are used in production when shaping the leather to take the desired form.

2. Shaping and lasting the leather

After the leather is cut out, it is then applied on the lasts and is being glued, pressed and secured in pace. This way the leather takes the shape of the last and it serves as the base of the whole shoe.

3. Applying the heel

After the leather was pressed and stitched together, the soles and insoles were applied, the final step in assembling the shoes is applying the heel. A special machine is used, to ensure that the heel is placed correctly on the shoe.

4.  Polishing the shoes

To make sure that the shoes look perfect, they are being cleaned and polished very carefully.

5. Packing the shoes

After all the steps are completed and every single shoe is carefully checked for any mistakes, they are being packed in a very cautious way, so they do not get damaged while being transported.

These are just a few of the 22 steps that are taken to create the perfect pair of shoes. Making them by hand is a much longer process, then mass producing them in a completely automated factory, but the end result and quality are so much worth the wait.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our production process and that we hopefully answered some of the questions you had in mind. 🙌