A week of a Shoe Designer's life


Monday I started the day teaching a Masterclass at InnoFounders, while apparently throwing handsigns all over ;)

In my everyday life I am fortunate enough to meet a lot of exciting people and I really prioritize to spend my time helping other entrepreneurs, where I can. I remember how alone I was when I started roccamore, I felt like nobody understood what I was going through - let alone would be able to help me.

So, when things started to go well with roccamore and I got more free time, I decided to spent trying to change this feeling for the next generation of startuppers.



The best part of my job is obviously the design part. I love developing new ideas and testing them on my amazing customers. Having my own brand means I can decide everything, which is both scary and wonderful. The wonderful part is underlined here, in a beneficial project that I have designed glitter boots for. I mean, can you ever really have enough glitter? 😉 

There are so many uber-cool and inspiring startups in the Nordics, so Tuesday night, I went to celebrate some of the best ones at the Nordic start up awards.

A fast and very dark selfie of me and my wonderful husband, Michele, but the real star of the night was Anette Nørgaard, Nordic Startup Lead with Microsoft, who was wearing her Milena boots on stage. 



Today is a computer day, all emails and online work. I'm looking for a new factory, which is really hard to find and takes a lot of emails with good people. I'm also trying to find cute boxes for christmas gift cards and produce velvet shoppers for all customers, who shop in December. Everything is made in Italy and I love the quality and craftsmanship, but I really could live without their work style. Most factory owners are 60+ and would definitely prefer it if you could send them a fax... 🙄

In the afternoon I'm invited to EY Entrepreneur of the Year, where roccamore is nominated 💃🏻My invitation came from the always supportive and wonderful Merete Friis from Jyske Bank, who has made it her life mission to help entrepreneurs grow and is really doing everything she can, to get society to understand the challenges of growing a startup today.



Thursday we're shooting new videos for the webshop, trying to explain every shoe, how they are made, the difference between them and what to look for, when deciding your size. 35 videos, remade every single time a car drove by or a kid knocked on the window, hopefully there are good. I can't smile for the next hour 😬

Then the toilet paper came! Milena have been schooled from day 1 at roccamore to always hustle as much as possible and never spend 1 kr. more than she has to when shopping anything for us. So, obviously, she took the chance when she found an offer for toilet paper! Guess how many rolls came - we calculated it should be enough for 2 years... 😂😂

Thursday evening I took the train to Odense to speak in front of a bunch of interesting ladies from the network Minds of 21st. They were very curious to know how I built roccamore and asked me what the hardest part was. After reflecting a bit on that question, I think the answer is to take myself and roccamore seriously. In the beginning, when it was just me and a Kickstarter campaign, I didn't want to talk about it and considered it just a fun project to learn about crowdfunding and entrepreneurship, not a potential business. That wasn't fair to neither me nor roccamore and things didn't really change, business-wise, until I started to really mean it and take my work serious.

My advice to anyone would always be to aim for the sky and then land in the middle. Never believe the negative people around you, you are very much in charge of your own success! 



Today I'm working on our red boots, Laila. We ran out of the material we bought from Prada, so only 92 pairs were made in the first red and I have to find a new one. I like to work with the materials that have already been produced, so nothing goes to waste and my shoes get a personal story.

Friday afternoon is celebrated with wine. No beer here, just good italian wine! My team is from all around the world, with 4 different nationalities and experience from so many different fields, it's much easier to think innovative and outside the famous box. Especially while having wine. And we love it 😉❤️


I hope you had a great week too, love Frederikke

Of course I did, now take me to the shop!