10 roccamore highlights of 2018

2018 has been an extraordinary year for the roccamore team and we had so many amazing experiences that we are thankful for. If you are curious to see how our year went, keep on reading.

1. We were nominated

We were very proud to be nominated not once, but twice this year for Startup of the year category. The nominations were from EY Entrepreneur of the year and Nordic Startup Awards competitions. Even though we did not win, it only motivated us to work better and harder, so we can try our luck again next year!

2. ...and we won!

We might not have won the previous ones, but Frederikke SNATCHED the Female Founder of the year title and we couldn't be more proud! Thanks to Lean in EU Women Business Angels for the recognition and for empowering women! 👭❤️

3. We love our followers

This year we have been shown lots of love from people all over the world . We have gained almost 20k followers on all our social media platforms, some of which became loyal and supportive customers. We appreciate all of you and we wouldn’t make it if it weren’t for all your sweet words and constant encouragement, so thank you! Here are a few examples of how amazing our customers can be:

5. New showroom 

Our baby called roccamore grew up so much that we couldn't fit it into our old office, so we had to find a bigger place for it. We ended up finding this beautiful and cosy place on Vester Voldgade 96, which is now our half home and which you are welcome to visit!

6. Tour life is the best

We had not one but TWO tours this year and saying that they have been amazing is an understatement. We visited 5 cities per tour and met hundreds of lovely ladies that got to try our shoes for themselves. 

We enjoyed the tours so much, that we decided to make is a tradition, so expect our gang in your city again sometime in spring! 🚀

7. roccamore family

In 2018, the roccamore team was as strong as ever. All the team members worked so well together that we ended up having even better results than we expected. Now we are 5 people of 4 different nationalities: Romanian, Bulgarian, Danish and Moldovan. A diverse team is the strongest team and we are ready to take on any challenges to come at us in 2019! 💪

8. The toilet paper incident

Who thought 2018 would bring us an abundance of.. toilet paper? Our dearest Milena took care of our office and our needs so much, that we unknowingly ended up with toilet rolls that will last us for a year. At least we don’t have to worry about this in 2019...


9. Designing new models

Here at roccamore, we value our customers’ feedback the most and all we do is for the people. This year we have carefully listened to all your desires and suggestions in order to create the best shoes a woman could wish for and will soon be releasing new models that we hope you enjoy, so keep an eye out! 😉

10. Saying goodbye to the old ones

Being a sustainable brand is one of the most important things for us and we are proud to make a small change in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, that also means that we sometimes have to say farewell to some of our limited models that we will miss very much, such as our Karen and Mary Knight. 🌸

As you can see, this year was filled with positive emotions and events that we are so thankful for! Now it's time to move on to the next phase and we can't wait to see what it brings to us, but we are certain that we will be just as blessed as we were in 2018! 🎉