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When Charlotte met roccamore…

We have received a lot of great feedback, but one who really have showed us her big passion and interest for roccamore and our shoes, is Charlotte Roger, and we were happy, when she accepted blogging once and a while for us:)Let me tell you about the call that changed my destiny… Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself here. My roccamore journey began last fall when I saw Frederikke on the Danish morning show Go morgen Danmark. I thought “what a fantastic concept. I can’t wait to try on a pair of these shoes”. Later, I saw that it was possible to pre-order the shoes on roccamore’s website, and, of course, I acted immediately. My first pair of roccamore's had to be the Evaline's – no doubt. In the process of ordering my Evaline's I had questions about the sizing, and it was in roccamore’s quick and accommodating response I found out about the try-out event to be held in Copenhagen. banner_blog_intro1_large In the time between first learning about roccamore and attending the try-out event, I made sure to sign up for the newsletter and follow all their social media accounts. And in doing so, I discovered that roccamore needed a helping hand with their communication, and I knew I could be the one to help them in this respect. Finally! The day of the try-out event rolled around, and I was happy to be greeted warmly by Frederikke, who made sure to personally welcome each person at the event. With my mission of offering to help out with roccamore’s communication in mind, I made sure to get a one on one conversation with Frederikke during the event. I let her know about my observations about the need for someone to do quality control, language-wise, and about how I could help with these things. She welcomed the idea and got my information, so as to be able to get in touch with me after the event. legs1_large Since Frederikke is so busy getting the production of the shoes up and running, I decided to get in touch with her a couple of days after the event to let her know that I was still interested in helping out. We exchanged e-mails back and forth, and by the end of it, she forwarded my e-mails to the lovely Line (the actual person, not the shoe ;)). About a week later, Line got in touch with me to talk. And after having to move our arrangements to talk twice, I got the call that changed my destiny… So, who am I? I originate from Northern Jutland, an Aalborg native, who has lived in Odense (Funen, DK), Paris, and Los Angeles, and everywhere in between. Today, I live in Copenhagen. I have a past in fashion design, and last year I got my degree in communications. Essentially, I’m a nerd when it comes to the English language and the Despicable Me Minions; the two are, however, not interrelated. My goal in working with roccamore is to help hold the communication to the same standard as the shoes – the highest standard. So, you awesome roccamore ladies will be hearing a lot more from me both on the social media and on roccamore’s blog. I’m very excited about updating all of you on the latest news from roccamore, and I can’t wait to see all your comments hello_lover1_large

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