Where are my shoes?

We are daily receiving mail from ladies who wonder where their roccamore shoes are, and yes we understand, and we are incredibly grateful and a bit surprised that people was willing to wait. And to be frank we didn't expect to sell so many shoes, more than 1000 shoes was sold on Kickstarter and in preorder on the web shop. And it's amazing, and even more amazing that most people bought 2 or 3 pairs, but, to be honest, it also increased the pressure on us and the shoes. We didn't just want to give you a beautiful, comfortable quality shoe. But a very durables shoe as well. 1_large

Frederikke with some of the insoles and some of the pumps for the new collection.

After many years of buying wonderful shoes, and personally I had 260 pairs when I had most. I also know the weakness of even my most expensive designer shoe. For instance one of the common problems, is that the heels break off, and because it was badly made, so even if one getting it fixed with a shoemaker, the heel would continue to break off. I remember when it happened to my 600 euro designer shoe, and because it was exactly one month over the warranty, there was nothing I could do:(

Therefor Frederikke decided to travel more frequently to Spain, where the family owned factory who produce our shoes is. She has overseen the production, and 4 times we changed the insole, to perfect our shoes as much as possible.

About the blogger Line Peteri

Line is 38, living in Malta with her Finnish/Swedish husband and two kids. She is co-owner in roccamore, and earlier won the Danish Cosmopolitan award for the best entrepreneur. Read more about Line, on her blog.


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