There’s No Such Thing as the Walk of Shame

Unless you have been in the same relationship since 5th the infamous Walk of Shame once or twice in your life... You know the one: You put on your best dress, and your best, highest, most ridiculously painful shoes that make your legs look incredible. You head to the bar with a couple of girlfriends, have a few shots and lots of laughs. On the far side of the bar your eyes meet his; the hot guy from the office that you’ve never actually talked to, but have had a crush on since you bumped into him in the copy room last Wednesday. A couple of shots later you make your way over to him. You talk a little, have some more drinks, and maybe take it to the dance floor, where you show him your best moves - all the while your feet are begging you for mercy: ‘Please let us out, why are you doing this to us? What have we done to deserve this?’ nov6_large At some point you decide to go home with “hot office guy” for snuggles (maybe more?) and to get those goddamn shoes off. You get to his place and kick your shoes off into a corner, your feet look like they’ve been to war; red and bruised. You show “hot office guy” the time of his life and you both fall asleep.

In the AM you wake up with a slight headache, but otherwise ready to seize the day and decide to make your way back home, the only problem is you have to get back into those shoes. The shoes that made you feel confident and sexy last night are now making your headache worse and the walk home seem like an impossible task – The Walk of Shame.


What if we told you it doesn’t have to be like that? What if we were to say there are shoes that will make the Walk of Shame a thing of the past, a relic and completely non-existent? Would you believe it?

You don’t have to; you could just try them on for yourself. Roccamores are made for women that love heels, but hate sore feet (that’s pretty much everyone). The sole was developed using the orthopaedic technology of sports insoles and although that doesn’t sound super sexy, it kind of is. The sole is integrated into the design and there is NO COMPROMISE on the sexiness of the shoes. In fact no matter where you slept and with whom, you will want to get back into your roccamores sooner rather than later. While roccamore can’t stop you from going home with “hot office guy” (and why should they?) they will transform the Walk of Shame into a Walk of Awesomeness .

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