5 quick ones to Frederikke

Name: Frederikke Antonie Schmidt

Age: 31

Nationality: Danish, but convinced that's a mistake, should have been born Italian ;-)

1. Favorite brands and why?

Charlotte Olympia - different, daring, entertaining, storytelling design

Miu miu - trendsetting, independant, exciting colors and prints

Casadei - Italian craftsmanship, innovative shapes, small pieces of art

Saint Laurent - beautiful shapes, strong silhouettes

2. What can you not live without?

Passion, Inspiration and positive people!

Internet! I get completely hysterical when something is wrong with the connection.

My macbook - like everyone else this is where my entire work life is.

My many, many book and magazines of art, fashion and design.

All the amazing people around me that are helping me with roccamore.

My boyfriend, who has amazing patience and always knows what to say when things are tough.

Paranuts, dark chocolate and red wine ;-)

3. What do you like most about yourself?

That I'm passionate and courageous, very outgoing and good at meeting new people.

4. What is the most crazy/stupid you have done?

Going for a weekend to Barcelona with my best friend when we were 19, getting drunk and missing the bus home, then deciding to hitch-hike home, hung-over with 3 hours of sleep. It took us 2 days and 11 cars to get home, and we met some very strange people on the way.

5. Describe yourself with 1 sentence.

I'm a passionate perfectionist with a creative and innovative mind-set and a tendency to see possibilities where others don't.


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