roccamore's first try-out event in Copenhagen!

Let's start saying that we have been dead nervous the last couple of weeks. We have had some very great months since we launched our Kickstarter campaign in November with even better feedback from you! And yes we believe in our products and what we have created, but it's still very nerve wrecking to introduce our shoes from the very first time. We decided to do a try-out event, where we could tell about our shoes, the concept, thanking some of our supporters and not least let you ladies try the shoes for the very first time! 11336958_826085677476587_149958764265122437_o_large AND WE LOVED IT! Every single moment: from seeing people coming 30 minutes before we started queuing outside. Meeting 65 lovely ladies in all ages. The amazing positive attitude that in all fairness made it so much easier for us, to introduce our babies. People coming from Vejle to Copenhagen. And not least some postponed, their mums birthday dinner to be with us. YOU ALL ROCK!:) But also we got confirmed that you girls do love our shoes, thank you so all for ordering on the day, you just confirmed us, that the time for comfy high heels is NOW!:)   11270592_826087734143048_1739004994578863703_o_large We enjoyed talking about our concept, vision, the road so far. And receive all the feedback from you all - you have all been a part of our journey, and together we have already shown, that it's more important to listen to the women who actually are using the shoes and communicate with them. We are here because of you. We will do much more events! Remember to join us on Facebook to be a part of the dialogue! Also thank you to Sweet Sneak and Otherwine for sinful cake and wine. screen_shot_2015-05-31_at_20-55-01_large   screen_shot_2015-05-31_at_20-55-35_large

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