Meet the fantastic Louise Bohr

When we did our Kickstarter campaign, it was quite nerve wrecking, especially when it came to defining the prices of the pledges. We could often see from other Kickstarter projects that the most expensive ones weren't claimed by anyone. So we didn't get our hopes up for ours to be actually sold – the custom designed pair of shoes together with Frederikke.

But one evening we saw that someone had bought it, and with much excitement we tried to find out, who is the generous person that made our day and brought us so much closer to our goal. We realized that it wasn't any of our boyfriends/husbands, family members, neither any of our close friends, who might be making up for the forgotten birthday present. Instead, the name ‘Louise Bohr’ came up on the list, and it sounded so recognizable, even though we were not sure why…

roccamore louise bohr 1

So we reached out to Louise for this interview and to find out more about her. Maybe you can already recognize her last name?

Louise Bohr is married to one of Niels Bohr’s (a famous Danish Physicist) grandsons – for the past 25 years they've been living in Sweden surrounded by a great and tranquil nature. Together they have two grown-up daughters, who just like their mom, love and enjoy beautiful shoes.

Louise Bohr is a perfect roccamore woman - strong and ambitious woman, who really LOVES shoes. She explains her fascination for shoes: “There is something about the way shoes and legs work together, and the way it reflects to the entire body posture”. Besides her passion for shoes, she is also intrigued by the concept of comfortable high heels.

The interest is mostly personal, but also her profession plays a big role. As an oncologist she often encounters the difficult aftermath of the treatment; it causes some of her patients pain and damage to their feet. “Professionally, I would love to create a pair of shoes that would even out the pressure and weight on the foot – this increases the opportunity to minimize the pain and discomfort that my patients experience after their treatment.”

Louise is a huge roccamore supporter and believes in roccamore concept of comfortable high heels so much that she is excited to co-design a pair of roccamore shoes with Frederikke. She really loves her work and the fact that insole is created in cooperation with experts, to make it as comfortable as possible for high heeled shoes.

When asked about her wishes and thoughts of the design, she definitely wants to design shoes that would be beautiful and lovely to wear, shoes that would give you freedom, but most importantly, a pair that she would proudly show to her friends. “The shoes should underline grace, elegance and stability in the sense of having both feet solidly placed on the ground! :-)” She gets inspired by the great nature of Sweden that she is surrounded by, and therefore would love to incorporate some organic shapes and expressions in the new design.

roccamore louise bohr 2

Louise Bohr LOVES to wear high heels and hopes that she will be able to wear her new roccamore high heels even more often. Her current favorite pair is an 11-12 cm ankle boots, which she has been wearing for several years – so she will be inspired by them, when designing her new roccamore's. When asked about any other themes and ideas she could imagine for the design, a reference to Niels Bohr comes up: “One of his theories was about fusion and innovation – and roccamore is kind of a breakthrough in the shoe history”. So maybe the future roccamore design, featuring Louise Bohr, will have a reference to her family history.

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